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What you can expect once your puppy is born

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I post weekly updates on Facebook and pictures of your new puppy/litter from birth to 8 weeks old. Sometimes I include videos of them playing and other activities. I communicate often and this won't change after you take your puppy home. I enjoy breeding Miniature Schnauzers and I want that joy to reflect in my breeding program and my communications with the new families! Serious inquires please fill out the application.


I sell to pet homes ONLY, no breeding rights.

OUR PUPPIES COME WITH A complete vet check and documentation on vet check, as well as documentation on all wormings, shots, etc., first heartworm preventative, Information and samples, and puppy food, toys, blanket and a lot more.
FOLDER WITH RECORDS: All puppies receive a vaccination record from my vet which will be in a folder along with other papers. The folder will also contain the health contract, spay/neuter contract.
TAIL DOCKING: The tails are docked by my vet. If you want the tail left undocked you will need to be first pick on a litter for your specified gender with a deposit of $400. The puppies will not have their ears-cropped, I do not ear-crop and my vet does not either. If you want the ears cropped you will need to arrange that procedure with your vet. 
TWO VETERINARIAN EXAMS & VACCINATIONS: The puppies get TWO veterinarian check-ups, are vaccinated by eight weeks old. My vet also performs a physical exam before the puppies go home which includes checking for no heart murmur, lungs are free of abnormalities, no ear or eye infections, glands are normal, teeth and gums are in perfect condition for the age, and no parasites such as fleas, ticks, intestinal worms or mites. Your puppy will go home at a healthy weight, proper nutrition and well hydrated.
NO INTESTINAL PARASITES: Routine intestinal worming at least three times (sometimes more) between 3 to 8 weeks old. The brand I use is Panacur  from my vet which treats for roundworm, whipworm, tapeworms and hookworm. All dogs should be treated regularly for worms as the eggs live in the soil for years and you never know what areas are infected. Tapeworm comes from a fleas bite. Not all wormers treat for all four worms but Panacur and Drontal Plus cover all four.
POTTY TRAINING INTRO: Before your puppy goes home, I work on paper training. In the warmer months, I work on potty training outside too. This helps make it easier for you and the puppy. HOWEVER, potty training is call TRAINING because it takes more than a few weeks. Full potty training takes several months. Potty training can be done in any season as puppies are more tolerant of training in colder or rainy weather than adult dogs.
FLEA AND HEART WORM PREVENTATIVE: The puppies are treated with Frontline plus and Heartguard to protect against fleas and heart worm before leaving my home. I have had 100% NO fleas to date. This treatment is good for 30 to 60 days depending on your area and the flea and mosquito population.
Excellent hygiene: All puppies are bathed and given a mini-trim to their potty-patch area, eyes, and nail trim before leaving for their new homes. I typically do this the day they leave or the day before a puppy Schnauzer cut.
I require a spay and neuter contract stating you will provide me proof of spay/neuter, which is done between 6 to 8 months of age. I breed loving Miniature Schnauzer puppies for pet homes only. I do not want my breeding program to result in any bloodlines ending up in a rescue or shelter. I want to breed with accountability and thought for this breed.
SOCIALIZED: Puppies are socialized with other pets and in a family environment -- they are home raised and well-adjusted when you take them home. I spend a lot of quality time playing with the puppies, ensuring that their transition from my family to yours goes smoothly. I Work with the puppies before they leave. They have a solid foundation for wonderful adult dogs. However, it is up to you to continue training and to nurture a well-balanced puppy or turn them into a monster. What you do regarding positive socialization outside the home and training has the most significant impact. 
TOYS AND BLANKET: Your puppy will also go home with squeaky toys, a soft washable blanket, chew, and a ball, which also smells like "home and litter-mates."

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