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Dear Potential Puppy Parent,

Thank you for your interest in Cortes Mini Schnauzer Please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. We know it’s lengthy – we want to get all the relevant information we can to place the right puppy with you! There are no right or wrong answers; we know that every family is different, and we don’t expect anyone to be a superhero – quit their job, renovate their home, or cancel their vacation – to take home a puppy.

Every puppy and every puppy family has different needs, and this information form helps us identify who needs what information and what homes might make the best fit for each of our babies.

Completing this questionnaire does NOT mean that you are committing to purchasing a puppy from us, nor does it obligate us to place a puppy in your home. Our dogs are our family, and we love them very much! We want to make sure that each one goes to the most appropriate home possible.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about yourself, and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

Why a paid waiting list?

We are overwhelmed by the love our Mini Schnauzer have drawn from friends and followers and humbled by the number of inquiries we receive between litters. Many people we talk with are seeking a puppy immediately; others are just casually looking at the prospect of adding a new schnauzer to their family. We've needed a way to organize our contact list to communicate with those waiting for our puppies efficiently.


By joining our paid Waiting List, you are saying that you're reasonably sure that you want to adopt a puppy from Cortes Mini Schnauzer, that you're willing to wait (possibly up to 6-12 months. Depending on your preferences), and that we should contact you personally with breeding updates, litter announcements, and deposit info.


If you're not at that point yet, you're still welcome here! We have lots of resources to share on our website and are happy to answer any questions. If you're local, please consider a visit to meet our dogs and see how they're raised, and to help us socialize our puppies when we have a litter! We'd love for you to consider adding a Schnauzer baby to your family when the time is right for you!


We know that not everyone has the money to pay outright for a high-quality puppy. That's why we have We offer payment plans. 

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