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Breeding Crew

Top Quality Miniature, Toy and Teacup Schnauzer Breeding Crew


Meet Bombom Little boys don’t get any better than this. Super coated, square build, white, and weighs in at 17lbs. Bombom is considered a MINI sized male. He has now begun siring litters and is producing some fantastic puppies!


We are very proud to introduce him to you. He is silver and only 14.5 lbs. I’m expecting some exceptional babies out of our Oso. Pedigree and other pics are coming soon.


We expect him to mature at about 14 lbs, An exceptional little guy who is the center of attention and full of personality. He is considered salt and pepper and super coated.


Elegant black & silver “Phantom” with tons of coat. We welcome Miss Coco to our “new” breeding crew bunch and look forward to her puppies. I’m  11 lb range


Paint Me Stealing Kisses; beautiful super coated White female. She is lovely and always ready to give some kisses. Her mom is a lovely Platinum silver. Dad is super coated and White-colored, Valentina is the breeding crew. Valentina finished at 13 lbs.


Beautiful Liver Parti female with tons of coat. Excellent ear set, too. This beautiful girl is out of our Cookie (retired now) and Denver to our little Star. Another hand-picked baby for our “new” breeding crew page. Be watching for her awesome babies soon.


Is our precious dark liver parti super coated Female. Pecas is very intelligent and has beautiful eyes. You’ll see more of her upcoming year. We are looking forward to her awesome babies one day. I am expecting Pecas to mature at about 12 lbs.

Mi Negra

See Negra. She has a sweet, charming personality and sports a dark, dark black super coat. Negra is part of our new breeding crew.

We are looking forward to some very dark puppies shortly. Be watching! I am expecting Negra to mature at about 8 lbs.


Gorgeous black/silver “Phantom” female in a tiny size. This girl matured at 9 1/2 lbs. Lucy is another one of our hand-picked girls for our “new” Breeding Crew page. Be watching for her exceptional babies soon.


Azul is considered a Parti- mini schnauzer or White with liver points, since he has brown nose and blue eyes. he is really sweet and always ready to give some kisses. Azul finished at 8 lbs.

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